Tactics Training - Hikaru Nakamura

Tactics Training - Hikaru Nakamura







Tactics Training - Hikaru Nakamura

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Hikaru Nakamura

Have you always wanted to play chess like American #1 chess player? This tactics training book gives you the opportunity to make the same wonderful moves as Nakamura did in his games. One hundred puzzles are offered in which the bullet-expert turned the game in his favour. The puzzles start at a moderate level then get steadily more difficult. Can you match the performances of Nakamura?

Nakamura was born 1987. The three-time U.S. Champion has won many tournaments. Among his tournament victories are Tata Steel 2011 and Zurich and Gibraltar in 2015. In 2015 he reached a peak ELO rating of above 2800 and was #2 in the World Rankings.

GMHikaru (Twitter) has never made a secret of his intention to become World Champion. In an interview with New in Chess Magazine (January 2014) he made the well-known statement: 'I do feel at the moment I am the biggest threat of Carlsen'.

No doubt Nakamura is admired for his uncompromising style: 'there is no point of taking draws'. But also his entertaining way of chess makes him a frequently requested participant at any chess tournament: 1.e4 c5 2.Qh5?! was one of his pet openings years ago.


Main feature:
Đây là hình máy tính bàn – Play Computer.
Important note: You go first. For example: When you see “White goes first” and you click Đây là hình máy tính bàn then you are the White side. When you see “Black goes first” and you click Đây là hình máy tính bàn then you are the Black side.
In short, when you click Đây là hình máy tính bàn you go first.
Additional features:
Đây là hình ảnh Start-on – Start
Đây là hình ảnh previous-on – Previous
Đây là hình ảnh next-on – Next
Đây là hình ảnh end-on – End
Đây là hình ảnh play-on – Play
Đây là hình ảnh pause-on – Pause
Đây là hình ảnh flip-on – Flip

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